Night After Night
She Done Him Wrong
I'm No Angel
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Goin' to Town
Klondike Annie
Go West Young Man
Myra Breckinridge
Every Day's a Holiday
My Little Chickadee
The Heat's On
Mae West made only a dozen films in a career that spanned almost eighty years.  All of her biggest film hits were made in the early 1930s.  Despite her relatively limited output she was a huge and spectacular star who attained international fame and whose legend will burn bright for as long a there’s a market for good comedy, innuendo and glamour.
Belle of the Nineties
Mae came to film just as the moral rearmament movement was taking hold in America and pressure was being put on Hollywood to clean up its act.  She came from Broadway with a reputation for being sex on legs and therefore presented a huge threat to the clean up brigade.

She managed to out-manoeuvre the censors for a while and in the process was able to serve up her two best pictures - She Done Him Wrong and I’m No Angel, both in 1933.  However, the censors soon got wise to her tricks and they began to bear down on her.  More and more the progressive elements of her scripts were excised and gradually a lot of the fun was squeezed out of her films too.

She eventually got fed up with this and when, in 1943, she found herself in a film that didn’t work on any level she decided to make a return to the stage.  She made two films in later life, her final one in 1976.  Read more about the films of Mae West in this fabulous section of the site.